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AC Installation in Ashland, KY

When it comes to an air conditioning installation in Ashland, homeowners should always work with a licensed professional. From proper sizing of your new AC system, to all of the electrical and power consumption considerations, it’s highly recommended that you work with a licensed and insured professional.

That’s why working with the team at Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning is the smartest move. We’ve got a whole list of guarantees that can keep you in the clear, while offering AC system warranties and the professional service to back them up. We’re local and family-owned, meaning we’re not just in it for the money. We care about this community, and by default, we care about you and your home comfort solutions.

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Ashland, KY Central AC Installation

Central air conditioners are the gold standard of air conditioning. They’re hyper efficient and affordable enough for most families, while providing constant and effective cooling for a home. For such a quality system, would you want anyone other than a qualified professional to size it up and install it?

What do we mean by "size it up"? Well, proper load calculation has to be done on exactly how much air your central AC is going to provide. If an AC is too large for your home or too small, you risk having your central air conditioner short-cycle and eventually require premature central AC replacement. Thankfully, we provide sensible central AC replacements as well as installations so you know there’s always a professional team there for you. Stop asking yourself "is there someone well-trained who can perform an AC installation near me?"—and call us today.

Ductless AC Installation

Ductless systems are a huge bonus here in Ashland, KY. Not every contractor offers such high-tech pieces of equipment, and not every contractor installs them as well as we do! As a family-owned and operated team here, we make sure to provide the best installation and ductless AC replacement services for a ductless system, since these units need unique experience to even begin setting them up.

Ductless systems function similarly to a central air conditioner except for the fact that they don’t use your ductwork like a central AC does! They cycle refrigerant from an outside cabinet through one-to-four indoor air handlers that blow the cooled air directly into your home. No more hassle getting your air ducts cleaned or repaired. With a system like this, you don’t even need ducts.

Heat Pump Installation

Inevitably, we steer customers towards heat pumps in our area, not to make an extra buck mind you, but because these systems really are the way of the future. Heat pumps are year-round heating and cooling systems, functioning both as air conditioners and heaters for mild climates like ours. They’re hyper-efficient and incredibly cost-effective, so you’re really getting the most bang for your buck with a heat pump.

However, in order to have a system that doesn’t fail on you the first chance it gets, you’re going to need professional installation as well as heat pump replacement services. These systems don’t last forever, especially in Ashland, KY where you’ll be using them in every season, so it’s imperative to have a team of qualified professionals on hand to install it and replace it when the lifespan has been completed.

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