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Electrical Panels in Ashland, KY

Your circuit breaker panel could be in need of service right now, and to the untrained eye—a homeowner—it might be hard to tell. Home electrical panels are integral to the functionality of our devices and appliances, from phones and televisions, to washing machines and toasters. If you need the service of a trained professional for an upgrade in your electrical system or a simple repair, you’re better off with Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning.

Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning is a team of dedicated licensed electricians in the Ashland, KY area who can provide quality service at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of guarantees, including a one year money back guarantee on our service, so you know we’re in this for the long haul. Our company is family-owned and operated right here in Ashland and as a part of the community we’ll try our hardest to bring you the best service you can expect.

Give our team a call today for expert service on your electrical panel.

Electrical Panel Installation

Witnessing an amateur install a breaker box can be excruciating. One wrong wire in the wrong place, and you could be dealing with a fire or safety hazard, not to mention a home that’s powerless in the digital age. When you pay for professional electrical work, you’re not asking for much—only for a job well done and for your life to go back to normal with the electrical system in your home working smoothly. Thankfully, we can give that to you.

Our team in Ashland, KY can perform all types of electrical panel installations, whether they’re in a brand-new home or a home that didn’t have a solid system previously. Our modern homes call for modern solutions, and we promise to only install the most up to date and up to code electrical equipment we can.

Electrical Panel Replacement

So let’s say your home is over one hundred years old, or even just 4 or 5 decades as many are in our area, and you need a comprehensive electrical panel replacement done—because it’s likely you’re still using a fuse box. Most contractors would probably leave you hanging at the first sight of your aging electrical system, but not us. We provide electrical panel replacements even on the older homes with fuse knobs & tube wiring that’s ancient and falling apart.

That’s why professional service can make such a difference. Working with a team that’s been in the business for over 30 years like we have, means you get access to our wealth of knowledge and experience on these types of systems. You’re in good hands when you call us.

Electrical Panel Repair

Breakers that consistently trip signal that something is amiss with your electrical panel. The solution to a faulty breaker box is having a licensed electrician take a look at it and repair it. Trying to open up your electrical panel and address the issue at hand yourself is just a recipe for disaster.

There’s absolutely no risk having us take a look for you. We offer a wide variety of guarantees on our electrical repairs that can help you sleep at night knowing you got the most bang for your buck when it came to repairs on your Ashland, KY electrical system. We even provide maintenance on electrical panels, so you can be kept in the loop about the status of your home’s electrical system.

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