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Ductless Systems in Ashland, KY

Ductless systems operate exactly how they sound—without relying on ducts to keep your home cool during the summer or warm during the winter. The ductless system relies on an individual air handler dispersed in areas of your home to blow cooled air as it moves heat from the inside of your home to the outside. These systems aren’t as well known as central air conditioners and we’re the team in Ashland, KY that’s on a mission to change that.

With Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re only interested in providing you with great cooling and heating solutions for the most affordable price possible. Every home is different, so doesn’t it feel better working with a team that’s got a long list of guarantees you can take advantage of? As many of our first-time customers know, there’s zero risk in doing business with us, as we’ve got a one-year money back guarantee that’s perfect for your next ductless system installation.

Whether it’s a ductless air conditioning installation or scheduling a ductless HVAC maintenance appointment, we can get the job done right. Call us today!

Ductless HVAC Installation

Having a ductless HVAC system installed properly is the first step in the multi-step process of its lifespan. If you sign up with a team of amateurs or have a family member set your ductless unit up, you’re setting yourself up for failure. With delicate components like refrigerant lines, blower motors, and condensate drains, you need the help of a team that’s dealt with installations like these for over 30 years.

Not only is professional ductless HVAC installation important for improving the quality of the system’s lifespan, but it’s also important to avoid an early replacement. These systems need to be sized accordingly, so that they’re not overcompensating (or undercompensating) because the amount of cooled or heated air needed has been incorrectly calculated. We can be the team to accurately set this system up.

Ductless HVAC Replacement

Ductless mini splits and other ductless systems can’t be replaced by just anyone. They’ve got delicate components that need to be handled by trained individuals. How do you know when a ductless system needs to be replaced? Well, there are some obvious signs.

  • Increased energy bills.
  • Low cooling or heating output.
  • The system is between 10–15 years old.
  • The system frequently requires repairs.

If any of those points sound familiar, then you’re most-likely in need of a ductless HVAC system replacement. Sure, a repair might fix minor issues in a mini split AC, but these are not minor issues! It’s time to treat your ductless air conditioning system in your Ashland, KY home with the care it deserves. Have it replaced by the best in the business.

Ductless HVAC Repair

Regardless of what kind of ductless model you have, your split air conditioner/heater will require repairs at some point in its life. Sometimes these units can start lagging in their efficiency levels, either due to a systematic problem or constant neglect, which can require a professional’s attention. Also, any repairs that are ignored can quickly become devastating for your home, like a condensate drain clog that might start harming your wall mounted system or the wall it’s attached to!

With us, you’ve got access to training, expertise, and guarantees that can leave the tough part of repairs out of the equation entirely. There’s no need for the panic when looking through the phonebook at which local company looks the most reliable: we’re right here and ready to talk. Call us if you’ve got any questions and feel better knowing you’re in good hands.

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