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AC Repair in Ashland, KY

Are you constantly dealing with an air conditioner that’s just not reaching the temperatures you requested on your thermostat? How about an AC system that’s steadily increasing your energy bill to the point where it’s unaffordable to run? These are clear signs that there’s something wrong with your central AC system or ductless unit, and you’ll need a professional team to provide repairs.

So why not choose Ashland, KY’s best team available—Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning? We are a family-owned and operated team with over 30 years of experience, and our list of guarantees are better than any other team in the business. Our specialists are drug free and background tested vigorously so your AC repair can be conducted by the best in the business. We’re Trane and Daikin certified, which means you get the best attention in the industry when you contact our team.

Put your air conditioning system in the right hands, call us today!

Central AC Repair

Central air conditioner repair is a necessity when it comes to the climate here in Ashland, KY. Being caught in the middle of our muggy summer without access to quality air conditioning is unacceptable for any home comfort standard. That’s why our team is so poised on performing repairs when you need them.

Whether you’ve got a broken blower that’s causing an obnoxious noise, or you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak that’s causing your home to steadily increase in temperature, we can provide the quick and effective repair you need. Give our team a call today and stop worrying.

Ductless AC Repair

Ductless air conditioners are reliable for the cooling season, but we’d be lying if we said they didn’t need any repairs for their entire lifespan. Every ductless AC system is going to need a little bit of help at some point, and with our long list of guarantees and Daikin andTrane certifications, we are the most qualified team to address any problems.

Ductless systems rely on refrigerant and electrical components to operate. When there’s something going on like a refrigerant leak or an electrical issue that’s either compromising your comfort or bringing your energy bills to a point where it’s impossible to pay for them, you need ductless air conditioning repair service. That’s what we do, we’re specialists when it comes to these systems and we’d like to show you why.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump services aren’t offered by every contractor in the Ashland, KY area. When you catch yourself asking "who can provide home AC repair near me?" then we’d like to offer an answer to that question. With Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide a long list of guarantees that come with our service so you know you’re in good hands.

From our one-year money back guarantee to one of the many other guarantees we offer, we can prepare you for the worst while setting you up for the best. Heat pumps are year-round systems that can keep your home to your comfort standards. Without the proper repairs done quickly, you’ll be stressed out and dealing with more than you should be.

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