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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Ashland, KY

Is a humidifier, air filtration system, or air purifier just not enough for your home? Are you constantly wishing you could open all the windows and enjoy some fresh air for once? Well, enjoying fresh air without wasting energy is entirely possible with the right ERV or HRV equipment installed, and maintained to keep your comfort costs low. Let’s face it, opening a window just drains too much money from our heating or cooling budgets, but an HRV or ERV can curtail those costs and let you enjoy fresh air.

That’s why the team at Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning offers a variety of services in Ashland, KY, for HRV and ERV systems. We’ve got over 30 years of experience in this field and our team members are all drug tested and background checked, so you know we’re serious. Give us a call to check out some of our guarantees today!

We’ve got your fresh air needs covered: call us for ERV and HRV service.

HRV and ERV Installation

What exactly is a heat recovery or energy recovery ventilator? Well, let’s break it down before you decide to invest in one. Just like opening a window when you need fresh air, a heat recovery ventilator will cycle in fresh air from the outside without losing the heat that your heating system worked so hard to create. By using a process called counter-flow heat exchange, a heat recovery ventilator will exchange the majority of the heat from the stale air and add it to the fresh, incoming air.

This means you get to retain 70–80% of the heat you paid for while enjoying fresh air on a constant basis. So if you think your home is suffering from a stale air problem, but opening a window wastes too much money on heating or cooling costs, contact our team today.

HRV and ERV Replacement

Did we mention that we provide ERV services as well as HRV services? ERV systems, or energy recovery ventilators, provide the same service as an HRV with the added benefit of transferring moisture as well. That means your humidifier or dehumidifier can still run in the background, keeping your home perfectly healthy as is.

However, your ERV or HRV needs to be kept up to standard with the rest of your HVAC system as they all work together. If you’re noticing an ERV system or HRV system starting to develop problems that a simple repair won’t fix, then consider calling our team for quality replacement services.

HRV and ERV Repair

HRV and ERV repairs need to be done quickly and affordably in order to keep your system running as well as it should be. Thankfully, we offer 24/7 availability in the Ashland, KY area. Since an HRV or ERV system runs on electricity, efficiency must still be at the forefront of any repair since you don’t want to have an energy bill that’s unmanageable.

That’s why we provide HRV/ERV maintenance services. We can take a close look at your IAQ system and inform you if it’s beginning to consume more energy than you’d like, and why. By signing up for this service, we can keep you in the know about any repairs that will need to be made in the future and how to handle it on your own time.

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