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Surge Protection Services in Ashland, KY

Electrical protection is our company’s bread and butter. Power surges happen all the time, and any homeowner in Ashland, KY who wants to protect themselves and their appliances from being hurt should enlist in our surge protection program today. Gone are the days where every appliance had to be hooked into an individual surge protector, which was a hassle and a waste of money. Now, with products like a whole-house surge protection system, we can go above and beyond.

When you sign up with Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning, that’s exactly what you’ll get—a team that goes above and beyond for their community here in the Ashland area. We’re local and family-owned, with team members who are background checked and drug tested, so you know we’re serious about protecting your family from a power outage.

There’s zero risk in doing business with us for your surge protection services when you take a look at our guarantees. Call us today!

Surge Protector Installation

Electrical power needs to be monitored and controlled when different appliances are hooked up to your home system. When a large appliance, like your refrigerator, makes a huge demand for power on your home electrical system, there is a constant balancing act that goes on between your home and all of the other appliances as well. If you’ve ever seen your lights flicker, that’s a good sign you need surge protection.

With whole-house surge protection installed, you’ve got protection wired right into your home’s electrical panel. That means every power line in your home is diverted through a home’s grounding power line. From small surges to large surges caused from lightning strikes or other disasters, this system protects you.

Surge Protector Replacement

What good is a surge protection system if it doesn’t work in your Ashland, KY home? Replacement services can be a huge help when dealing with constant power surges as your surge protection system begins to fail. When you notice your lights flicker or your devices becoming damaged, even while you have a surge protection system installed, then it’s not doing its job and you need to call us.

We can make sure before we leave your home that your devices and appliances are protected from damage. It just doesn’t feel good operating electrical appliances with the knowledge that it could be hurt by a power surge at any moment. Call us for quality protection.

Surge Protector Repair

If you don’t think you need surge protection replacement services, but your system still isn’t working as intended, we can help. We’re electricians at heart, so we can provide quality repairs to your whole-house surge protection system to make sure it’s covering all the appliances it should be.

By the time we’re done, every outlet in every corner of your home should be protected from power surges. And if it’s not, we’ve got a wide variety of guarantees to ensure that your home gets the service it needs. Remember, there’s zero risk in doing business with us when it comes to surge protection. Keeping homes in Ashland, KY safe is our number one priority.

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