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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Ashland, KY

Regardless of what kind of indoor air quality (IAQ) solution you require in your Ashland, KY home, you need something. The least you can do for yourself, your family, and anyone who comes in to breathe the air of your home, is to provide clear and fresh air that’s been thoroughly treated. Having a home become more hospitable to the inhabitants is the first step to idealized home comfort—and we can help you reach that dream.

With the solutions offered by Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning, whether it’s a UV germicidal light or an air filtration system, we make sure they’re installed, repaired, and maintained the right way. We’ve got a long list of guarantees and a team of individuals with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Since we’re family-owned and operated, you know we’re both in this together as we increase the air quality of our community.

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Air Scrubber Services

Air filtration systems like the Air Scrubber were initially tried and tested for spaceflight. In closed environments, like the habitat of a spacecraft or a tightly sealed home like yours, air needs to be continuously cleaned of dust, debris, or volatile organic compounds that could cause respiratory distress. From sneezing, to coughing, to shortness of breath, an Air Scrubber can give you relief.

For homeowners with a need for something different, we also offer a 1" thick Wingman 1 electrostatic filter that fits right into your HVAC unit, so your air is continuously filtered that way as well. Our air filtration systems are state-of-the-art and proven to work by not just those who use them but the academics and scientists who helped develop them. Give our team a call for your Air Scrubber or air filtration solution today.

Filtration Installation

Filtration isn’t just about dust or smoke particles. No, if you have a pet, the pet dander that is shed from them or even the particles that are left behind from spray paints can linger in your home, causing damage for an extensive period of time. Having the right air filtration system in place, with the right team performing air filtration maintenance and air filtration repair, you can’t go wrong.

Filtration isn’t the only thing we specialize in here in Ashland, KY. We also offer whole-home air purifiers that can be installed with your filtration system as well. UV air purifiers function as a purification system that uses ultraviolet radiation to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses as they enter your air ducts. This can effectively eliminate one source of contaminants from your home.

Air Filtration Replacement

An air filtration system that’s not working needs to be replaced. Thankfully we offer all IAQ services you need, including air filtration repair and the replacement of the air filters throughout your home. The moment you notice something wrong with your air purification system or air filter, give our team a call and we can assess the damage.

For the sake of your friends, family, and anyone who would come into your home, having these systems in tip-top shape is imperative. Being able to breathe clean and comfortable air in your home is a necessity when we deal with so many contaminants and pollutants every day.

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