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Commercial Air Conditioning in Ashland, KY

It gets hot here in Ashland, KY. When competing with other businesses in the area, it’s incredibly important to have a comfortable environment for your customers, employees, and guests who come to your commercial space. This can’t just be achieved with fans and some good luck with the weather. Reliable commercial air conditioning service is just a call away if you know where to look.

The team at Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning is well-equipped and well-trained to handle your air conditioning needs when it comes to your business. Our team members are background checked and drug tested, and our company is family-owned and operated, working with the best brand names in the business, like Daikin and Trane. Let us focus on your heating and cooling needs so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Have your commercial air conditioning needs addressed by the best. Call us today!

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

When having a commercial air conditioner installed, it’s important to remember that every model is going to be different depending on the size of the building they’re conditioning. This requires a team of professionals with the right equipment to perform a load calculation in order to see the exact volume of air that must be cooled. Without this process done, you could end up with the wrong sized industrial air conditioner.

Some people say bigger is better, but in this case, it couldn’t be further from the truth. An oversized or undersized air conditioner is a huge waste of money, since it will begin showing signs of stress as it struggles to complete a full cooling cycle in a process we call "short-cycling." Avoid issues like that by having a team of trained professionals install your commercial AC unit today!

Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

Well, what happens when your commercial air conditioner has started short-cycling and you don’t know what to do about it? Contacting our team for a replacement might be your most cost-effective solution. By having our Ashland, KY team evaluate the status of your system, like how frequent repairs will be or how expensive it will become to own a faulty AC unit, we can recommend replacement services.

Commercial air conditioner replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you work with a team that really knows what it’s doing, you can focus on your business while we make your comfort our business. Give our team a call today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

In addition to annual maintenance, commercial air conditioner repair is expected at least a few times in the 10–15 years of a system’s life. While there’s unfortunately nothing we can do to change that, what we can do is offer those repairs at an affordable price and on a schedule that works for you. With our 24/7 availability, we’re always available when you need us the most.

Did we mention that we have a commercial air conditioning maintenance program? For the building and business owners in Ashland, KY who want to be kept up to speed on the condition of their commercial comfort, we can schedule an appointment to make minor adjustments, quick fixes, and give you ample notice when a repair is down the pipeline. This option can be of great benefit to your checkbook and keep your expenses limited.

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