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Geothermal Services in Ashland, KY

Geothermal HVAC equipment represents the absolute cutting edge of technology in our area of Ashland, KY. A geothermal system can effectively move heat from the inside of your home to the outside, and vice versa! By utilizing heat pump technology and the temperature within the Earth’s crust, this system can give you reliable heating and cooling at a fraction of the energy consumption it normally would.

However, these are not systems to be installed by just anyone. With such extensive groundwork that must be planned and performed, you need a team that’s got the guarantees offered to back up their work, like Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re local and family-owned, serving customers in this industry for over 30 years, which means there’s absolutely zero risk when deciding to go into business with us. Give us a call today.

Call the team here at Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning for expert geothermal work when you need it.

Geothermal Installation

Having a geothermal system installed in Ashland, KY requires two major components: the heat pump and the liquid lines that will run through the earth in order to transfer the heat from (or to) your home. In order for the system to function as it should, both of these components need to be accurately installed by professionals, like our NATE-certified team members.

Since the temperature underground is a steady 45–55 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter what time of year it is, your home will be heated to your specific standards. In the summer, the heat pump will draw the cool temperatures from the ground and expel the heat. In the winter, the system will draw heat from underground and disperse it in your home.

Geothermal Replacement

While a geothermal system’s pipeline could last for upwards of 50 years, the heat pump component won’t last nearly that long. Like most heat pumps, this piece of equipment will last 10–15 years in the best of cases. That’s why you need a team that can perform extensive geothermal system replacement when you need it, so you don’t have to deal with the dilemma of a poorly installed system.

Having a geothermal system replaced by an amateur or a family member is a recipe for disaster. Whether you’re replacing the heating system, the underground pipes, or any other part, you need a team that’s certified and ready to take on a job like this. Having antifreeze leak into the ground or a failed electrical component could spell trouble for your neighbors as well as yourself. Take our guarantee to heart and call us.

Geothermal Repair

From minor adjustments made during geothermal maintenance to a large-scale geothermal HVAC repair that needs to be made quickly and effectively, we’ve got you covered. These systems are reliable and last a long time, but problems need to be addressed as they come up. A neglected geothermal HVAC system is going to fall apart a lot faster than a system that’s been cared for by its owners.

Whether your system is making strange noises, smells funny, is causing your bills to rise, or giving you some other trouble, you need effective repairs now. Our team in Ashland, KY can handle all that and more, with a guarantee that will fit your budget and your comfort. Trust us, we’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Performing extensive repairs is nothing new to us!

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