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Heating Services in Ashland, KY

Our winters might be mild here in Ashland, KY, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need heating services. In fact, it’s quite the contrary! Our climate isn’t tropical, which means a mild winter can still be a huge problem for a home without a functioning heater. That’s why it’s so convenient that a team like ours in the area exits, to provide everything you need in regards to heat pump services, furnace services, or the important install or repair job that you require.

At Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning, we have over 30 years of experience from a team that’s background checked and drug free. Our team also offers a wide selection of guarantees, including a one-year money back guarantee that ensures there’s zero risk in doing business with us.

Join up with our team and let us help install a quality heating system today!

Heating Installation

Looking for a team that will provide you with furnace services and install a brand new, reliable heating system? Well, we’re that team for you. We’re a heating contractor that believes in guarantees, and we are devoted to guaranteeing every homeowner in Ashland, KY quality heating at an affordable price.

If you call us, you’ll get our wide range of options on what heater could be best for your home. Whether you want a dependable gas furnace, or a state-of-the-art ductless heat pump, we can be there to install it on your schedule. With our long list of guarantees, affordable pricing options, and 24/7 availability, you’ve got zero risk in calling us for your heating options.

Heating Replacement

Heaters don’t last forever. While some models might stick around longer than others, efficiency is the name of the game these days and you don’t want to be left with a heater that runs twice as expensive as your neighbor’s. In times of heater struggle, we implore you to call us and explore your options for heater replacement.

Every year newer models come out. That’s why we partner with brands like Trane and Daikin, to ensure you that our gas furnaces and heat pumps are new and top-of-the-line to provide you with maximum comfort and last even longer than your predecessor did. Don’t forget, a heater replacement can also lower your heating bills for the foreseeable future as well.

Heating Repair

Heaters experience a lot of strain throughout their lifetimes. Let’s face it, we’re relying on these systems for months of every year, hoping they last forever. While they don’t last forever, they last pretty long and we can help maintain that longevity with quality heater repair in Ashland, KY.

Whether your heat pump has sprung a refrigerant leak, your furnace is starting to make strange noises, or your system is just running inefficiently, we can be the team to provide the necessary repairs. Sometimes they’re as simple as patching a leak and other times they’re as complicated as providing major fixes on a heat exchanger or blower motor. Either way, you deserve a heater that works to your standards.

Heating Maintenance

Residential heating services shouldn’t just stop with installation or repair. Homeowners are looking for ways to keep their constantly aging or struggling heaters around for as many years as possible. This can only be done with a sound heater maintenance plan. If you’re unsure when your heater was last inspected, schedule maintenance with us today.

A heating tune-up is straightforward—a certified technician arrives to thoroughly inspect the system, provide several quality of life improvements as well as minor fixes and adjustments to guarantee that it will survive another heating season as efficiently as possible. If it won’t, we’ll tell you and discuss replacement options. Sound like a good idea to you? Call us today!

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