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Serving The Tri-State Area

Serving the Tri-State Area



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Why You Have Burnt Outlets

Have you ever met someone who enjoyed their bread to be toasted until it was only one degree north of burnt? They call is optimally crispy, you call it insane. To each their own but there are certain things in this world that you really don’t want to have burnt. The outlets around your home for example.

If you have begun to notice that you have one or more outlets in your home that are showing signs of burning, or if you just tried to plug something in and it sparked and smoked, it means that you need electrical repair in Russell, KY.

What a Burnt Outlet Means

Some people see burn marks on their outlets and write it off as something that just accrues with age. This couldn’t be further from the truth! When you notice that one or more of your home’s outlets are burnt or charred, it is likely to be caused by one of the following issues:

  • Your home’s wiring has been installed incorrectly or damaged. There are so many different homes that we’ve visited that have wiring that has been placed and set-up incorrectly. Likewise, we’ve seen our fair share of homes that have wiring that is worn down with age. If there are any chances of free-flowing energy from your wires, it can create an arc that will burn whatever conductor is nearby (your outlet for example.)
  • You have overloaded circuits. Is your home on the older side? If so, even if you made sure to outfit it with newer wiring, there is always a chance that the circuits of your electrical panel might become overloaded. If this is the case, you may find certain outlets become overloaded by certain appliances that need to draw extra energy. When this happens, your wires can become hot and may melt or burn your outlet.

Let Us Handle Your Electrical Issues

If you have noticed that certain appliances cause an outlet to burn, or you’ve dealt with one or more outlets causing trouble, it is time to call in a professional electrician. Only a professional is going to be able to provide the quality of service that you need to address the problem at hand and ensure your home will work safe and efficiently before they leave.

Like we said, we’ve seen our fair share of faulty wiring jobs. That is because we’ve been around for a while. The team at Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning is staffed by professionals who know exactly what to do to ensure your electrical system works properly, without any burns or sparks. From frayed wires to electrical panel upgrades and beyond, when you need someone to address this or any other electrical repairs, you can rely on us.

The professional team members at Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning are Your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY. Contact us to schedule your next appointment. We’ve served the Tri-State area for more than 30 years and we provide great customer service with no risk.

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