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7 Sounds You Don’t Want Your AC To Make


Your air conditioning system isn’t meant to operate silently. However, there are plenty of noises that it isn’t supposed to make either. If turning on your AC system means that any and all conversations have to come to an end then it is likely that you should reach out for an AC repair in Russell, KY to address the problem.

A noisy air conditioner is often one that needs to be repaired. We want to give you a quick list of sounds that you should be on the alert for so you know when to reach out to a professional.

7 Noises Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Supposed to Make

Often the first sign of AC trouble that many residents pick up on is funky noises. Be on the alert for these sounds that are going to spell trouble for your system and your home comfort.

  1. Rattling: Have you noticed that your AC system is emitting a sound that makes you think things are shaking around in there? They might not be yet but rattling is a sound that is warning you that something is loose in your AC that needs to be tightened before it comes fully loose.
  2. Clanging: If you have been hearing a rattling noise for a while now, it is likely to turn into a clanging noise. When you hear clanging, it is due to parts in your system that have come loose and are bouncing around which can cause additional damage.
  3. Screeching: When turning on your air conditioner creates a very obnoxious noise like screeching it is probably going to be due to parts in your unit that are scraping metal against metal. This can be caused by something like loose fan blades scraping around in their housing.
  4. Hissing: A hissing noise shouldn’t be mixed up with the usual whoosh of air your system should make. Hissing can indicate you have a clogged air filter or it can mean that you have a refrigerant leak.
  5. Banging: Do you hear banging noises when you run your AC unit? If so, it might mean that your system needs to have a professional out to check that it is properly sized. Banging might indicate that your system is oversized or it might be a sign that you have a problem in your ducts.
  6. Clicking: A clicking noise in your air conditioning system may be an indicator that something in your unit isn’t receiving its marching orders correctly. Clicking often means that something is wrong with your electrical connection between your thermostat and your AC unit.
  7. Buzzing: Buzzing and clicking may be noises you hear together. This is because a buzzing sound may also be an indicator that something is wrong with the electrical components of your AC system.

Whatever sound your system is making, a professional technician from Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning can help to resolve them. Our staff offers over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Contact our team for great customer service. We are Your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY.

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