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If You Spot This, You Need New Electrical Outlets

Your home’s electrical system has a lot of outlets throughout your home, and you may have one or two that you know as the “bad outlet” that you don’t plug your phone charger into, or use when you plug in the vacuum cleaner. Well, those bad outlets actually pose a bigger problem than not being useful.

Through electrical outlet installation in Ashland we’ve seen a lot of issues with old outlets, so let’s take this time to help you understand what to look for in bad outlets and why it likely means you need an electrician sent out to your home as soon as possible.

The Issue: Scorch Marks on Your Outlet

You might see a bit of a black mark on the plastic of your outlet, right next to where you removed the prongs of a plug. That burnt outlet cover is a problem, because there’s little to nothing stopping that sparking outlet from electrocuting you next time something happens. This is what you need to know about those scorch marks.

It Could be Loose Wiring

Behind that plastic cover is a bundle of wiring hooked up to the contact point for the plugs that you push into it. That contact point is flowing with electricity, so when metal makes contact, it immediately starts sending it through the wire of whatever you’re plugging in, and to the device at the end.

But if the wiring is loose, there’s not a clear, constant point of contact between the wiring and that anchor point for your plug. Electricity isn’t just flowing through the outlet, it’s electrifying the entire component behind the cover.

Your Wiring May be Old

As home wiring ages, it can fray. Frayed wiring exposes the actual wire itself, outside of the casing, and encounters the same issue as loose wiring that we just mentioned. Old wiring needs to be replaced; it’s simply not good to use anymore. The problem here is that this requires rewiring of more than just one area, because if this wiring is old, chances are the rest of your home’s wiring is, too.

It Might Show in the Circuit Breaker

Let’s say that there’s no scorch mark on the outlet, but you know the outlet still doesn’t work right. If it constantly trips the circuit breaker, that means there’s an issue with the wiring or outlet itself, and the circuit breaker is tripping as a failsafe. While it’s good that it’s keeping you safe, that wiring is dangerous, and needs to be taken care of.

We’re Ready to Help With Your Wiring Today

Your home’s outlets are pretty integral, and now that you know they can be potential fire hazards if not handled properly, we hope you’ll call for repairs as soon as you notice an issue with any of your outlets. We’re always at-the-ready to help you with your electrical problems and help keep your family safe.

Contact us today to schedule your electrical services as soon as possible.

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