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2 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Now

Your electrical panel is the central point of your home’s electricity system, and because it impacts everything you plug in and use on a regular basis, it’s a pretty important part of how you live your life. The thing is, many homeowners seem to forget that they need to check on their electrical panel every now and again with the help of a professional electrician.

The reason? Because your electrical panel in Ashland can be upgraded to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and prepare your home for a higher capacity at the same time. Let’s explain why these are important.

Increasing Your Home’s Electrical Capacity

There’s a very wide range of what your home can and cannot handle. That goes for new appliance hookups, new outlets, fixed lighting, and more. If it doesn’t have enough capacity, and you come close to maxing it out, you can permanently damage not only your panel, but wiring in your home.

Because new smart electric panels do a phenomenal job of being energy efficient, they can withstand a higher capacity without it being a burden. Not to mention they tend to come in higher capacities anyway.

This is great if you’re adding a backup generator, a new addition to your home, or you’re just sick and tired of your circuit breaker switches flicking every time you want to use the TV in the basement.

Installing an Energy-Efficient Smart Panel to Save Money Every Day

One of the best benefits of a new electric panel is that they’re much more energy efficient than the old panel you have right now. Beyond those with Wi-Fi controls and integrated apps, energy-efficient smart panels can:

  • Reduce unnecessary electricity use: Simply put, it’s better at delivering electricity in the most efficient way possible. This helps you save money because you’re not using more electricity than needed and wasting it.
  • Works well with backup batteries: Because you have granular control over your entire electric panel, you can see how it’s delivering energy to your home and how it’s coming in from your backup battery. Use different settings to get the most out of your backup battery’s capacity.
  • Ideal companion for solar panels: When you have solar panels, you’re already in a very energy-efficient mindset. Because solar panels have to take energy and pour it into the home through the inverter, it’s at risk of being wasted just like energy that comes from the grid. A smart electric panel helps you prevent that loss.

It’s Upgrade Time

It’s the upgrade you didn’t know you needed for your home. Even if your only idea behind upgrading your panel is to spend less money on a monthly basis, or so you don’t have to wait for it to give out before you replace it and you want to get ahead of the curve, that’s okay. We’re here to help guide you through your electrical panel upgrade, so give us a call today.

Contact us today to schedule your electrical panel upgrade sooner rather than later.

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