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Recent Home Expansion? That Explains Your Heater’s Sudden Breakdown, Here’s Why

You’ve done it–your home finally has that shiny new extension. Whether it’s the man-cave of your dreams or an in-law suite that you only kind of wanted to build in the first place, it could be the reason that your heater suddenly broke down on you.

We’ve handled a lot of heating system repair in Ashland over the years, and it’s not uncommon for this to happen when you add living space to your home. Let’s talk about why this is happening and how to fix it.

Your Heater Was Fitted for Your Living Space

During new heater installation, there’s a step called the pre-installation appointment. This is when HVAC technicians come out to your home and determine what your heating needs are, and they match a heater to your home’s living space.

This can vary a bit, but a heater will be fitted to match the approximate living space. That’s because a heater that’s too small doesn’t do enough, and a heater that’s too big wastes energy. Because that heater was fitted for your specific living space, it’s now struggling to keep up with the demands of heating the new total living space in your house.

An Upgrade May Be in Store

If you’ve added a considerable amount of space to your home, your heater is definitely struggling to keep up with your home’s heating demands. However, adding a small mudroom? That might not be enough of an impact to make your heating system falter.

If you feel that your heater just isn’t holding up the way that it used to, it’s worth making the call and having us inspect it for you to find out what the exact problem is. It could be that while it’s not the right size for your new space, it’s an older heater and that’s why it can’t meet the demand.

Your Thermostat May Need to Be Moved

When your home is expanded upon, the thermostat’s placement is no longer optimal. That’s because the thermostat was initially placed where it was to gauge the best even temperature of your home. Your thermostat just sends an “ON” or an “OFF” signal to the heater, and it bases that signal based on the room temperature.

But that new extension? It’s all the way on the other side of the house, so when your thermostat is trying to gauge the correct temperature across your home, it’s not accounting for that new space. It’s all circumstantial and depends on the size and location of the extension, but it’s important to keep in mind–that might be why your heater isn’t up to par at the moment.

Make the Upgrade Today

If you suspect that your home heating system isn’t holding up against your new living space size, you’re not alone. We help homeowners equip their newly renovated and expanded home with high-efficiency heating systems so they can maintain high levels of comfort at all times. Let’s get you on track for an upgrade today.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioner repair or replacement as soon as possible.

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