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This Little Sensor in Your AC Might Be Causing Heaps of Trouble

Your air conditioner runs well, it doesn’t stop until it needs to, but the air isn’t exactly cold. It seems like it was fine yesterday, so what gives?

You know it’s not too hot out, so your AC should be able to keep up. Instead, it runs for way too long and your house takes ages to cool down. It might not be as big of a problem as you think–it could be a tiny sensor causing all this bedlam.

While you’ll need air conditioning services in Kentucky to verify this issue and fix it, it’s also important to know just what the problem is in the first place. Let’s explain.

Your AC Blower Motor Has a Sensor

Inside of your blower motor, there’s a resistor. In all types of electronics, a resistor resists the flow of electricity, which is essential when you have variable functions for a device. If it’s not as simple as off/on (and air conditioners aren’t that simple), there’s likely a resistor somewhere in the circuitry.

When the blower motor runs, it sends the cool air through your air ducts, then it comes out of the vents and descends down into the room below. And if the blower motor isn’t working as intended, the air won’t actually reach its destination.

It’s not pushing air out with enough force, which causes the cold air to sort of just sit in the air ducts. Some of it comes out through the vents, but there’s not enough air pressure to propel it.

It Might Be Undoing All That Hard Work

Your AC cools the air, and your blower motor sends it through the ductwork. However, these machines use electricity, and the byproduct of that is heat.

Inside of your blower motor, there’s a device called a heat sink. It holds onto heat, but not all of it–just enough to make sure the blower motor never overheats. Now if the cool air just hangs around, the residual heat from that heat sink could be warming up the air, even if it’s only a little bit. That could be one of the reasons why the air that’s coming out of your vents isn’t as cold as you’d like.

So How Do You Fix It?

You don’t. It’s something that should be done by an HVAC technician since it deals with the wiring on the inside of your air conditioner. It’s never a good idea to mess around with wiring unless you’re a certified electrician.

In order to fix it, the sensor is replaced. Thankfully, these are relatively cheap parts compared to the usual types of air conditioner repairs. It’s certainly much better than replacing a condenser. Plus, a DIY solution could void your air conditioner warranty.

Schedule Repair ASAP

This could be the issue, but it could also be something else entirely. Because it’s not 100% clear and you can’t diagnose an AC problem through a blog post like this, it’s imperative to call and schedule your AC repair as soon as possible. That way a certified technician can inspect the problem, and offer a solution.

Contact Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule your air conditioner repair as soon as possible.

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