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The Benefits of Investing in a Geothermal Heat Pump

You deserve to enjoy reliable home comfort whether it is cold or hot outside. The problem that you’ve found yourself facing is that your old HVAC systems haven’t been the most environmentally friendly. How do you find the sweet spot between staying comfortable without harming the planet?

You may discover the answer with a geothermal heat pump in Ashland, KY. These systems can provide whole-home comfort at a reasonable cost while working with the planet. How? Because this system literally uses the planet itself to help regulate indoor temperatures!

What Makes a Geothermal System Unique

As we touched on above, geothermal systems work in tandem with the earth. They do this by using the relatively stable temperatures inside of the Earth’s crust to provide comfort for your home. There is no burning of gas or fuel and the energy savings are better than you might think possible.

How a Geothermal Heat Pump Works

If you’re curious about the basics of how this system works, we are happy to give you a basic overview. Depending on which mode you set your heat pump to (heating or cooling) you can expect some version of the following:

  • Refrigerant or a mixture of antifreeze and water will begin to cycle through your heat pump and your closed-loop in the ground beneath your home.
  • If your heat pump is warming your home, it will absorb heat from the ground and transfer it into the air being blown into your home. If your heat pump is cooling your home, it will pull heat out of the air blown over your evaporator coil and deposit it into the ground.
  • The temperature-controlled air will be blown into your home via your system air handler and your connected ducts.

The Benefits of a Geothermal System

There are some clear benefits that come with the use of a geothermal heat pump. These include:

  • A longer lifespan: While the heat pump portion of your system will last around 10-15 years on average, the closed-loop in the ground can make it up to 50 years or more before needing service.
  • Environmental friendliness: This is a highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly system since it creates no combustion gas and needs less energy to get the job done.
  • Reliability: No matter what the temperature is in the air outside of your home, the temperature within the Earth’s crust will stay relatively stable, between 45-55°F. This allows it to provide you with a consistent source to heat transference, all year long.
  • One system needed: Heat pumps are great for whole-home comfort all year long because, you guessed it, they can both heat and cool your home!

Are you ready to switch to a geothermal system for your home? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Our team provides expert service including the installation and upkeep of geothermal heat pumps. You can rely on us to get you set up with this system so you can enjoy truly reliable and eco-friendly comfort.

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