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Does Freon Affect Your Heating?

Freon is a refrigerant that’s used in air conditioning systems, as well as heat pumps. Since your heat pump is a system that both heats and cools your home, it’s important to know how it runs and what it’s doing with Freon. So, does Freon affect heat systems or how they heat your home? let’s talk about that.

Let’s Understand How Your Heat Pump Uses Freon

Freon is a refrigerant, but when you think of refrigerant, you probably only think that it helps with cooling your air. It’s part of that process, but it serves multiple purposes. It has an evaporation process that it constantly cycles through within a close loop system. That means it doesn’t leave that loop, and it doesn’t get used up (which is why you’ll never hear us mention that Freon needs to be “topped off” since that actually indicates a leak).

The process it goes through is evaporation. Freon changes state from liquid to gas, and then back to liquid again in order to create the necessary temperatures it’s trying to achieve. With a system that handles both heating and cooling, this process matters for your entire system, not just one function.

Freon Might Be in Your Heat Pump Right Now

Heat pumps can use Freon, to heat and cool your home, but as time goes on and heat pumps evolve, the refrigerant that they use changes. So while you may have Freon in your heat pump right now, it might cause trouble. Because Freon is no longer in use for newer units and HVAC companies can’t import it for use, if your heat pump leaks Freon, it’s a bigger problem than you think. It may actually lead to total replacement.

Freon Has Been Phased Out

Freon is necessary for your heat pump to do its job, but the issue is that Freon has been phased out entirely in favor of newer, more environmentally friendly forms of refrigerant. So the issue here is that you can’t just add a new refrigerant into your heat pump if it uses Freon, so you’re stuck.

Even if you were able to fix your heat pump leak on your own, you can’t just go to any hardware store and buy R-22 Freon anymore. This means that if you don’t already possess extra Freon, you’ll have to replace your heat pump. Thankfully, due to the Inflation Reduction Act, it’s never been a better time to purchase a new heat pump.

Let’s Help Your Heat Pump Today

Whether it’s a Freon leak or another issue entirely, you want to make sure your heat pump can properly absorb everything that comes its way and both heat and cool your home with little to no issue. Freon-related problems can and will impact both functions, so call us today and we’ll take care of any Freon-related issues you might have and get your comfort back on track.

Contact us today for any concerns over Freon including leaks or damage to your air conditioning systems.

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