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Serving the Tri-State Area



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Heat Pumps vs. Ductless Units: What’s the Best Heating and Cooling Combo?

You’re in line for a new heater or air conditioner, and you heard about heat pumps. They’re powerful, and save energy and money, but you also know that ductless units bolster the same benefits. They’re energy-efficient, provide both heating and cooling, and they don’t include ductwork at all.

It’s hard to choose which system works for you, but with all the services we’ve done with heating and cooling in Ashland, KY, we have a unique perspective on what makes the most sense based on the objective pros and cons of each system. Let us help you figure out what works for you.

Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps stand to replace your air conditioner and your furnace all in one fell swoop, but are they actually powerful enough to do that? That’s the question we’re going to answer.


  • They use existing ductwork. If you already have a central AC system installed, it’s not that much work to hook up a heat pump in its stead.
  • There are lower operating expenses compared to normal central AC and furnaces. However, the price is comparable to using multiple ductless mini splits, so it’s a bit of a tie here.
  • Less wear and tear over time. Because heat pumps are so energy efficient, they can heat or cool your home quickly and without massive stress to the system.


  • The upfront cost does provide some sticker shock. While there are month-to-month benefits you can see on all of your energy bills going forward, it’s still a lot to handle upfront.
  • Lower operating range in the heat. This is a problem that ductless mini splits also share, but both are outclassed by traditional combustion-based furnaces. It’s still a good range, but in subzero weather, heat pumps struggle.

Pros and Cons of Ductless Air Conditioning


  • Custom zone control. Multiple ductless mini split heads mean more granular control over your home’s energy bills. This also reduces the stress on a single unit.
  • Quick installation. You won’t have to worry about lengthy install times, because the process is fairly straightforward (especially since there’s no ductwork).
  • No ductwork to maintain. You never have to worry about duct testing, duct sealing, or duct cleaning ever again.


  • The upfront cost is high depending on how many heads you get. Some homes can be fine with a single mini split head, but it depends on the living space size.
  • There’s an aesthetic difference between the bulky ductless mini split body, and sleek, stylish vents. You have to make room for your ductless head, but vents require much less space.

At the End of the Day, It’s Up to You

You’re choosing between two powerful solutions to keep your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Either way, it’s a win-win, as long as the cons of each system don’t jump out to you as massive problems. Let’s help you get your new system installed as quickly as possible.

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