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Is Central AC the Best Home Cooling System Out There?

If you have an air conditioner in your home, it’s likely a central AC. It’s not only the most common type of home air conditioning system out there, but it’s reliable and fairly efficient at cooling your whole home down quickly.

But they’re not perfect. With other ways to cool your home, you might not be typing in “central AC installation near me” into Google anytime soon–you may actually opt for another way to cool your home. Let’s talk about your options and if central is still king.

Central AC Is Great for Most Homes

Central air remains to be one of the most efficient means of cooling your home, which is why it’s still so popular amongst homeowners today. It’s beneficial for larger homes that have a lot of areas that need to be cooled constantly. Central AC also shares ductwork with your heating system, which as we all know, is pretty important as well.

We appreciate multiple cooling systems such as ductless mini splits and heat pumps, but they don’t always make sense for your home just because they’re objectively good machines. If you have a large home, high ceilings, or simply a lot of living space that you need to cool all at once, central AC is usually the right choice.

Improved Air Quality

Central AC also has indoor air quality benefits that most of us simply need more of. Because there’s a massive filter and large air intake, you get an area that’s constantly pulling in dust and debris, and trapping it in a filter. Then, you can dispose of the filter and effectively throw out what you would have been breathing in.

Your air quality is important, and while a central AC isn’t the only way to improve it, it’s helpful. Remembering to change your air filter also helps with your system’s function, so it’s important to change them every 30-90 days to keep clean air flowing.

Installation and Aesthetics

Beyond being powerful machines, central air conditioners also help with the aesthetics of your home. Nobody wants to see clunky window units, and even ductless mini splits can be unsightly for some. With central, your unit is outside. All you really see are the vents.

While this isn’t the biggest concern, it’s something to keep in mind when you plan out your next air conditioner, especially if space is a concern and you want to conserve as much space as possible in a smaller home.

Central Isn’t the Only Option, But It May Be the Best

Your situation will vary, and many homeowners may not need the flexibility of ductless air conditioning, or care to install a heat pump instead. That’s perfectly okay–what matters is that you find the right cooling system that works for you. We’ll help you figure out which one that is, and we’ll install it for you so there’s nothing to worry about on your end. All it takes is a phone call to get started.

Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning installation as soon as possible.

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