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4 Noises Your AC Should Not Make


Around here, things are getting hotter. And that means you need to be able to rely on your air conditioning system to keep the house cool. However, this may be harder this summer if your system needs an AC repair in Russell, KY.

Even if you have gotten regular maintenance for your AC each spring (we commend you if you do) there will come a day when you need to get your system repaired. But how can you tell if this is the case? Listen to what your system is saying!

Your AC can’t talk of course. What we mean is to listen to what noises the system is making to figure out what might be wrong so you know when to schedule service.

4 Sounds an AC Isn’t Supposed to Make

Maybe your air conditioner began to make some new sounds lately but you brushed it off as nothing because your system continued to work as usual. At least, you thought it did. A loss in energy efficiency isn’t always going to be something you notice immediately, after all. Make sure not to ignore concerning noises from your air conditioner such as:

  1. Rattling: Have you started to hear a rattling sound when you run your air conditioner? If so, this can be something minor to start but will amplify greatly if allowed to continue. A rattling sound can be caused by loose parts shaking around in their housing.
  2. Hissing: Have an AC has gone from producing a whoosh of air to emitting an extra hissing sound? This isn’t normal. That hissing noise is actually a sign of a serious issue–a refrigerant leak! This sound means that there is gaseous refrigerant leaking from your system which can cause a breakdown if not taken care of quickly.
  3. Screeching: This abrasive noise is hard to ignore which is a good thing because you should want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Screeching or screaming noises indicate that metal is scraping against metal. This can be caused by a blower motor belt in need of lubricant or a fan blade that needs tightening.
  4. Clanging: If you noticed that your air conditioner was making a rattling noise and decided to let it go, then you may have started to hear a clanging sound. This is because that loose part has now come free and is bouncing around within your unit and making a ruckus…and creating a lot more damage.

When your AC unit isn’t sounding quite right, you should reach out for expert help. We know that the prospect of being without your cooling system isn’t pleasant which is why we urge everyone to hop on repairs needs ASAP. Better to be without your AC for only a few hours rather than days, weeks, or more! Our technicians will always get the job done right.

When you need quality repairs for a faulty AC unit, contact Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning. We are your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY.

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