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How To Tell You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade


Imagine trying to get by without a reliable way to get electricity into your home. It would make it hard to get light in the rooms you need it in, harder still to keep things cool and comfortable. And let’s not forget how unreliable electrical flow can impact your refrigerator!

Having a problem with the electricity in your home can be a serious and stressful situation. So many parts of the modern home need electricity to function so when your home’s electrical system can’t deliver, it is a problem. One possible solution to handle this issue will be an electrical panel upgrade which is something we can help with.

4 Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

If your electrical panel isn’t able to handle your home’s electrical needs it will quickly become a pain. Thankfully this issue can be solved by upgrading this part of your electrical system. Here are some signs that you need to get an upgrade:

  1. Your current electrical panel is 20-years-old or more. Much like any other electrical appliance or part of your electrical system, your panel has a lifespan. When it gets to be 20-years-old or more, the panel won’t be equipped to handle your electrical needs and should be replaced.
  2. There are frequent circuit trips. You turn on the lights and the microwave and the circuit trips. You plug in the hairdryer and the circuit trips. It seems like the circuits for your home are tripping over almost nothing which isn’t normal. Frequent trips like this indicate your panel needs to be upgraded.
  3. You have outlets that are burnt or discolored. Outlets that are showing discoloration or noticeable burn marks are struggling to deal with the electrical flow in the house. The cause of this may be a faulty electrical panel.
  4. There are problems with flickering lights in your home. Last but not least if you notice that the lights around your home flicker or wax and wane in intensity it may be another indicator of trouble with an old electrical panel.
  5. You still have a fuse box. This is a rare circumstance but some people may still have a fuse box that handles their home’s electricity. These are often far more dangerous and far less efficient than an electrical panel. Upgrading can provide better efficiency to your home.

Make Sure to Get an Upgrade Done By a Professional

If you have an electrical panel that needs to be upgraded, you should make sure to have a professional provide this electrical service in Russell, KY. Only a professional can work on your electrical system and provide an appropriate and accurate panel upgrade. What’s more, a professional can do this safely too.

If you are struggling with a problematic electrical system, you can work with our team to get things back on track. We employ trained and certified electricians who can provide the best quality service possible.

We are proud to be Your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY. Contact Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning to start the process to upgrade your electrical system.

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