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These 7 Sounds Are Indicators of AC Trouble


If you hear a weird sound coming from your car or your computer, would you just ignore it and try to move onward? We’d hope that you’d say no since this is far more likely to leave you with a broken-down machine!

Noticing an odd noise from your air conditioning in Ashland is something you don’t want to ignore either. Those sounds are almost always going to indicate that your AC is in trouble. And as things heat up, you really don’t want to be left with a cooling system that is on the verge of a breakdown.

So, what noises could your AC make when it needs repairs? We’ve listed some of the most common ones to be on the alert for here.

1. Rattling

When you turn on your air conditioner and it sounds like there is something shaking around in the system, it is probably because there is. Parts can become loose in your AC over time and begin to create this noise. Make sure to have a technician come check things out before the noise mutates into…

2. Clanging

Did you have a rattling sound coming from your air conditioner for a while? If so that rattling may end up changing into a clanging noise. Now the loose part is free and bouncing around inside of your AC, causing far more damage to other parts and increasing the price of the overall repair(s) that is needed. Turn your AC off and call the pros to get this taken care of ASAP.

3. Hissing

Don’t mistake the regular sound of air whooshing out of your system with a hissing noise. Hissing is usually caused by a few different problems. You may have a dirty air filter that air is struggling to get through. There may be a leak in your ductwork that is allowing cool air to escape before it reaches your rooms. Or, and this may be the worst one, you have a refrigerant leak and gaseous refrigerant is escaping the line.

4. Bubbling

Bubbling is another sound that indicates a problem in your refrigerant line. Bubbling is created when there is a leak in the line that allows air to enter it and creates bubbles. This should be addressed with prompt repairs.

5. Screeching

Screeching or squealing will be sign that somewhere in your system metal or scraping against metal. Perhaps you have a loose fan blade scraping around its house. Or, and this is more common, you have a dry blower motor belt. Make sure to have a professional come out to address the root cause of this noise quickly.

6. Short Cycling

You notice that your air conditioner only runs a few minutes before shutting down again, only to start right back up because it never cooled anything off. This is short cycling and it indicates that something is interrupting the cooling process for your air conditioner. The sooner a technician is brought out to check a short cycling system, the better, as this can easily take a repair need and turn it into a replacement!

7. Silence

No, your AC isn’t just being especially quiet. Silence means your system isn’t working at all! If this happens, make sure to come to our team to get things figured out.

For all of your AC needs, come to Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning, Your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY.

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