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3 Electrical Issues Your AC May Encounter


Few things can ruin your day like your air conditioner going out. If the problem it encounters is electrical, there’s no telling how much damage has been done or if it’s contained to one component. Either way, it’s important to know what’s going on with your AC whether it’s an electrical problem or not.

If an air conditioner plug burned up, that could be what’s preventing it from working. Of course, it could be a slew of other issues. Let’s cover the three most common electrical issues with your AC so you can be as prepared as possible when your technician inspects your unit.

Failing Capacitor

A capacitor is a small electrical component in your AC that provides the charge that your compressor and fan motors need to operate. It’s a vital aspect of your air conditioner, and when it fails, the parts that rely on it can’t do their job properly.

Before your c capacitor fails entirely, you can detect it by noticing a surge in energy bills. If you pay close attention to how every kHW is spent, these spikes will be apparent. The capacitor uses more electricity to compensate for a failing part, but that isn’t sustainable. Eventually, it fails and burns out (and it’s not cheap to replace).

Wiring Issues

Wiring can fail. It’s not meant to last forever. Your air conditioner uses an entire network of wiring and connections to control which components receive power, how much, and when it flows.

If your electrical system has bad wiring, not enough power (or too much power) reaches the different components of your AC. Your wires can also burn up entirely, sparking a fire. An HVAC technician will be able to diagnose the exact problem with your air conditioner.

Constantly Tripping the Breaker

Your AC uses a lot of power, but it has limits on what it can draw from your home’s power source. If it pulls in too much, it could cause those wiring issues we mentioned earlier, or it could be much worse.

If your air conditioner is constantly tripping your breaker and you find yourself flipping switches more than once or twice a year, the problem may be bigger than you realize. In some cases, an outdated or undersized electrical panel might be what’s holding your AC back.

Our dependence on electricity only continues to grow. If you don’t know how old your electrical panel is (different from the circuit breaker), it’s time for an inspection. It might just not be enough power for your entire home, which causes your AC to fight for electricity in a contest with other appliances.

Maintenance is the Best Line of Defense

Call today for repairs, but set up a maintenance plan going forward. While maintenance doesn’t prevent every possible problem from occurring, it prevents most of them, and can improve the life of your air conditioning system while reducing its energy usage. Maintenance is truly the best line of defense against electrical problems with your air conditioner.

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