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5 Repairs Your AC May Need


Temperatures have been pretty high up on the thermostat lately making the great outdoors less than pleasant. Thank goodness we live in an era when we have effective and efficient air conditioning systems to keep our homes cool. But what happens when your AC unit isn’t working correctly? Then it is times to call in the professionals.

A malfunctioning air conditioner can make summer miserable in your home. If things haven’t been as cool and comfortable indoors as they are meant to, it might mean you need to have your system checked for an air conditioner repair in Flatwoods.

5 Repairs Your Air Conditioner Might Need Help With

If your air conditioner has a problem, you want to get a professional technician to check it out sooner than later so it can get repaired. These are some of the potential repair needs your AC unit might need:

  1. A dirty evaporator coil: When your evaporator coil starts to collect a layer of dust and debris, it is going to hinder your air conditioner’s ability to absorb heat. If a dirty evaporator coil builds up for too long, your coil may start to collect a layer of ice as well which will hinder the cooling process and create major damage.
  2. Leaky ductwork: Ductwork is the delivery system for the cool air that your air conditioner produces. If your ducts have a leak, it will allow that cool filtered air out and allow hot, dirty air in. This will reduce the cooling power from your AC and create hot spots throughout your home.
  3. Low refrigerant levels: Refrigerant absorbs heat from the air pulled from your home. if your unit develops a refrigerant leak, your system will have to work harder to try to cool things off. If levels get too low, your system can’t produce any cool air at all.
  4. A faulty compressor: The compressor is the part of your AC that compresses and pushes refrigerant through your system. When your compressor fails, it is going to fail at moving your refrigerant through your unit which will stop its ability to produce cold air.
  5. Clogged condensate drain: Last but not least, a clogged condensate drain can create more than one issue for your AC unit. Moisture and debris can build-up in your condensate pan and clog the drain, causing the pan to overflow and putting your system at risk of a short.

Figuring Out You Need a Repair and Getting It Fixed

If something is wrong with your air conditioner you don’t want to delay having it fixed. So how do you know you need to get repairs? Watch out for symptoms like poor airflow, poor cooling, hot spots around the home, strange sounds, and high energy bills. If your air conditioning system is starting to show signs like these, it spells trouble.

When you need to have your AC repaired, you should always reach out to a team of professionals to get the job done.

Contact the Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning team to get your repairs taken care of. Your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY.

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