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Do You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

An electric panel is designed to accept power from your utility provider and distribute it around your home. Problems with electrical panels occur when the electrical panel when homeowners fail to conduct routine inspections. 

Any fault in the electrical panel is potentially dangerous and will disrupt electricity in your home. If you spot the following 5 red flags, it’s time to call an electrician in Flatwoods, KY. 

1. Circuit Breakers Trip Too Frequently

Circuit breakers are designed to trip and stop the flow of electricity. They often trip to protect the circuit from overheating and causing all kinds of damage. They may also trip when your home’s energy needs exceed your electrical pane’s capacity. If you frequently notice your electrical panel tripping too often, then it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel in your home. 

2. You Live in an Older House 

Most homeowners appreciate the value of older properties – they are usually more affordable and also offer a “vintage” appeal. However, most older homes also have outdated electrical panels. 

In older days, you could get all the energy you needed with a single 60 amp electrical panel. However, modern appliances and devices require you to upgrade to 100 or even 200 amp electrical panels to properly function. 

In some cases, your appliances may be able to function, but they won’t work at their best. If this happens to be the case, then it’s time to call an electrician in Flatwoods, KY. 

3. You’re Using Extension Cords

Extension cords are commonly seen in many homes because they’re very convenient to carry around. However, extension cords are not safe and should be used as a temporary solution, perhaps during short-term holidays and events. 

Not only do they create a tripping hazard, but they’re exposed outside where they are subject to wear and tear. If you think about it, electrical wires are kept inside walls for a reason – so they don’t pose a threat to people and pets, and are less subject to dust and dirt.

These wires can trip breakers and cause a fire. If you are constantly resorting to extension cords, then it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel and install a few more outlets.  

4. Lights Dim When You Turn on Other Appliances 

This is an obvious sign that your electrical panel isn’t equipped to handle your day-to-day needs of electricity. The lights dim because your circuits are overloading as they struggle to funnel electricity from other parts of your home to the appliances that need them.

5. Your Lights Are Flickering 

If your home’s wiring is old and frayed, then it will be unable to provide power to your electrical wiring. When this happens, your lighting will begin to flicker on and off. In some cases, the flickering can be attributed to utility companies but the problem should go away after a while as the power company takes care of the issue. 

However, if you notice the problem is persisting for too long, then you should call an electrician in Flatwoods, KY immediately to see what the issue is. 

Are you noticing the above problems with your home’s electrical appliances? Then it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel. At Air Supreme, we are your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY and will provide you with various services including repair, inspection, and consultation.

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