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Explaining A Burnt Outlet

White outlet cover with melted plastic and dark black burn marks.

You go to use an outlet that you’ve used plenty of times before but you notice a small charred mark on the edge of the outlet that wasn’t there before. Is it safe to use? That’s what we’re here to talk about.

Burn marks on an outlet don’t just appear out of nowhere. Discovering a burnt outlet could point to larger problems. Let’s go over all the causes of a burnt outlet and what it means.

How to Tell if Your Outlet is Burnt

Visually inspect your outlet. If there are dark black scorch marks on the outside of the cover or small brown/black marks, you have a burnt outlet. Use a flashlight to visually inspect the outlet insert itself. Look for dark black marks that haven’t made it to the surface level of the cover. Any dark black marks could be a sign of a problem.

Signs of Arcing

Arcing could indicate an issue with your wiring. When your plug connects to an outlet, electricity flows into the plug and delivers power to your appliance or item. Arcing occurs when that connection causes an initial spark that scorches or melts your outlet cover.

The plastic around your outlet cover can’t handle the heat. While a single arcing event doesn’t indicate a large-scale problem, it may mean you’re overloading that circuit.

A Symptom of an Overloaded Circuit

Every appliance has its own power draw. When too much power is demanded from one single outlet, it can result in an overloaded circuit. That electricity demand causes overheating, which results in burn marks.

Your outlet needs to be inspected by a repair specialist as soon as possible to ensure further interior damage hasn’t occurred. Overloaded circuits are a result of demanding too much power from that outlet at the same time. You’ll have to move the appliance in that outlet and disperse power draw more evenly across other outlets.

Incorrect Wiring Problem

Your wires may have been set up wrong or are unable to handle the power draw you’re requesting from the outlet. If you don’t know your home’s electrical system in depth, this could very well be the issue. The only way to know for sure is to contact an electrician to inspect your wiring.

If the wires are the right size, they could simply be worn out. Worn-out wires no longer prevent the flow of electricity from escaping and are considered a fire hazard.

Don’t Live With Burnt Outlets

Burnt outlets need to be inspected as soon as possible by a licensed electrician. Avoid using that outlet for the time being and notify anyone in your home who uses electronics to avoid it as well.

This and other electrical service problems are with a call to a professional to address. Let’s get that burnt outlet taken care of so you can go back to using your home’s electricity with no restrictions.

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