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You Don’t Have an Air Purifier? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On


Air purification isn’t just a great thing for your home–it should be the first thing that every homeowner adds to their house.

We’d argue that nothing is more important than breathing clean air and reducing the contaminants that enter your lungs.

An IAQ system in Ashland can help you prevent illness, lung inflammation, and irritation just by filtering the air you breathe. Let’s explain.

Reduced Change of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

SBS is a nonspecific condition that affects the occupants of a building. It’s not directly linked to anything specific, but occupants experience sickness all the same. It’s believed that this is primarily a result of poor air circulation and ventilation.

The Environmental Protection Agency mentions particulate matter (PM) that stems from indoor sources such as cooking, and forms of combustion, smoking, and some indoor hobbies (notably, woodworking and painting).

When you inhale PM, it can impact your heart and lungs. It’s important to purify and ventilate air as much as possible to reduce particulate matter in the air.

Removes Unpleasant Odors From the Air

No matter how hard we all work to keep our homes clean, sometimes unpleasant odors linger. Whether it’s from a bag of trash that you weren’t able to take out right away or odors from a washing machine problem. Air purification can help to remove them from the air.

An odor isn’t just a bad smell. Depending on the source of the odor, it could cause skin, eye, or lung irritation. Air purifiers help you fight against that.

May Improve Your Ability to Stay Asleep

Depending on how many contaminants are in the air you’re breathing, you may encounter issues with falling asleep and staying asleep.

Between airborne bacteria and fungi that can form in your home, you can develop illnesses while you sleep based on what you’re breathing in. Air purifiers are the perfect fight against airborne particles.

Nobody sleeps well with a runny nose, sneezing, or itchy, watery eyes. Since your air purifier can run 24/7, it helps you fall asleep better and stay asleep. While this is a more distant benefit, the air we breathe–while we’re awake or asleep–impacts our health.

Eliminates Chemicals in the Air

While we can do a lot to avoid cleaning chemicals in the air, there are some chemicals you can’t avoid. If you live in an urban area near a lot of roads, the general air quality is poor.

That’s the air that comes into your home, and it brings pollutants with it. You shouldn’t have to breathe all of that in, and with an air purifier, you don’t have to.

It’s Time to Breathe Cleaner Air

Air purification systems improve your quality of life in so many ways. This addition to your home reduces your chance of sick building syndrome, helps eliminate countertop particles and dust, and may help reduce lung inflammation on top of it. It’s the best investment you’ll make in your home this year.

Contact Air Supreme Heating and Air Conditioning, Your HVAC experts in Flatwoods, KY, to install an air purifier system in your home.

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